Steeple Claydon Post Office
12 West Street, Steeple Claydon
MK18 2 NT


Steeple Claydon Post Office is located behind Karl's Bakery. During the Bakery opening hours you need to run the gauntlet of cream cakes and pies by using the Bakery entrance for access to the Post Office.

If like me you can resist anything as long as it's not temptation then once the Bakery closes the Post Office can be accessed directly from the Post Office entrance on North End Road.

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  1. Hello Steeple Claydon Folk,
    We are Darfield, near Barnsley – a small township in the ex-South Yorkshire coalfield. We have been through some turmoil in recent years with closure of the mines, closure of the secondary school and amalgamation on a new site etc. etc. Now Post Office Limited want to close our Post Office, run by a real friendly, helpful gentleman who has a good turnover. Our petition has been started after a public meeting in the church Hall, nearly 90 attending. But who did you send your petition to please? Helpful hints from your campaign would be welcomed
    Thanks in advance
    Geoffrey Hutchinson
    Chairman, Darfield Area Amenity Society.

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