Travellers cheques

  • Completely safe: if they get lost or stolen they’ll be replaced within 24 hours
  • Easy to use: sign when you get them, sign again when you want to use them

  • Convenient: accepted at thousands of locations, including hotels, shops and restaurants

Travellers cheques

Available in six different currencies, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pounds Sterling, Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen.

  • Convenient and simple to use, American Express Travellers Cheques never expire which means you can use any leftover cheques on your next trip.
  • Sign your cheques as soon as you get them to ensure you’ll be covered if they get lost or stolen.
  • Keep a note of the serial numbers. You’ll find them on the top right-hand corner of the cheques. Again, you’ll need these if your cheques get lost or stolen. Keep this information separate from your cheques and don’t forget to take it with you when you travel.
  • When you want to use them, sign your cheques again in the bottom left-hand corner, in front of the cheque acceptor.

We always hold US Dollar travellers Cheques in stock.

Order your travellers cheques by 1pm and they will be ready for collection the next working day. Ordering after 1pm will take 1 day longer.

Travellers cheques must be paid for at the time of ordering and can be paid for with either cash or card. If paying by card you will need to provide proof of identity i.e. driving licence or passport. When picking up your order you will need to provide the receipt and once again proof of identity.

If you have travellers cheques left over after your trip then as long as you have the original receipt the Post Office will buy back your unused travellers cheques at the exchange rate offered that day.


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