Government to stop selling Premium Bonds through the Post Office

Election over, now back to political hypocrisy from all those ministers who were bleating on about saving Post Offices. Another nail in the coffin of local Post Offices by our government.

NS&I has revealed it has ended its association with the Post Office and will be pulling over-the-counter sales of premium bonds, the last remaining product sold through the organisation, from the end of July. According to the Telegraph the move ends an association that dates back to 1861 with the launch of the Post Office Savings Bank, which was split in 1969 to create the National Savings Bank, later renamed National Savings & Investments.

The Mirror says the move will be a blow to the Post Office, which is being privatised by the Government and is in effect losing another government contract worth £11.6m last year.

Article in The Mail on Sunday – 25/05/15

The Mail on Sunday carried a very down to earth article on Post Office closures. To me the paragraph that sums it up is their definition of 'NETWORK TRANSFORMATIONS' - Five-year investment by Government  of 1.34 billion to reverse years of decline. Reality was a fresh lick of paint for surviving branches and pay-offs for sub-postmasters to leave without complaining.


Xmas Club

We are thinking about starting up a Xmas Club for Karl's Bakery & Trevi's Post Office and shop.

To find out if there would be sufficient interest to make it worthwhile we have hung posters and forms up in both the Bakery and the Post Office and invite you to sign them to let us know if you would be interested. You won't be held to it as we are only trying to judge if there is a requirement.

If we do start one up then you will be able to pay into it throughout the year but your money will be locked away till November 1st. From November 1st till January 31st you will be able to spend your money either in the Bakery or the Post Office. There is always a great selection of gifts, toys,  decorations or cards in Trevi's shop and if we don't have what you want you could always convert your money into Post Office Gift Cards which can be spent in over 17,000 outlets.

This could be a good way of spreading the cost of Xmas so let us know what you think.

Xmas Club Poster

Mix96 Radio Station announce Steeple Claydon Post Office is to remain at its current location even though Post Office Transformations has not even told us. We phoned the Post Office Transformation Team and they have confirmed this news is correct.

EXCLUSIVE: Post Office Stays Where It Is After Months Of Uncertainty

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5:52am 22nd April 2015
(Updated 8:42am 22nd April 2015)

After over 1,000 people signed a petition to keep Steeple Claydon's post office where it is - it's staying!

The Post Office have old Mix96 that Trevi's, as it's known, will keep their services going, after a few months of uncertainty.

The group had been looking at moving it to the co-cop, sparking the petition.

But a Post Office spokesperson has exclusively told us:

"The Post Office can confirm that Steeple Claydon Post Office will continue to operate from the current location with the postmaster remaining on the existing contract.  

"Because Steeple Claydon Post Office did not automatically qualify to for community branch status it was necessary to review nearby outlets; this has been completed, and we apologise for the period of uncertainty this has caused."

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