Trevi’s Bazaar

The Shop

The shop space is too small to display all the stock at once so come in and look around. There are all sorts of different gifts, toys, knick-knacks and novelty items but if you can't see what you want ask and we may well have it but just not on display.

As with any good bazaar half the fun is discovering what is there just waiting to be found.


A lot of people assume a small village shop has to be expensive, well compare our prices and you might be amazed. Many of our items, especially the higher end ones are not only own brands from stores like Wilkinsons, Sainsburys, Tesco or even the Co-op but are usually cheaper.

Seasonal changes

As the seasons change and special occasions come and go we try to update our display accordingly. In the winter you will find snow sledges, snow shovels, de-icer indoor games etc. whilst in the summer we will have paddling pools, holiday items, and outdoor games etc. as the more prominent items.

We also try to accommodate all the special occasions like Halloween, Easter, Mother's day, father's day, Valentines day, end of school year etc.  At Xmas we go totally over the top and even Father Xmas comes to us to get his presents.

Remember if you can't see it ask and we will try to oblige.

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